bankruptcy in colorado

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Are You Finally Ready to Start Living Again?

Why Not Join the Thousands of people from Colorado who’ve made the Choice
for a Fresh Start — Free of the Constant Stress Caused by Overdue Bills and
Harassing Bill Collectors?

In the last five years, over 125,000 people in Colorado took the first step in cutting the shackles of crushing debt and starting a new life — free of the overwhelming stress and worries caused by being behind in their bills. Most of them contacted a Bankruptcy Lawyer like me who helped them file for protection under the Bankruptcy Code.

You may be currently bearing the burden of debt so heavy that you don’t know how you’ll ever pay it. If so, you should consider what many of your friends and neighbors here in Colorado Springs have done to get out from under it. You’re not alone. Whether your money problems are the result of a divorce, being laid off, medical problems or just having too much month left over when the money runs out, you should realize that the decision to file for bankruptcy doesn’t make you a bad person – it’s a business decision. Those who have filed for bankruptcy did so in order to give themselves and their families a better life in the future: A life without the telephone ringing every day at 8:02 a.m. with some jerk demanding money that just isn’t there.


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