Great Credit After Bankruptcy

I recently discovered an excellent credit education program that helps my clients achieve a 720 credit score within 12 to 24 months of receiving their bankruptcy discharge. This program is usually offered online for $1,000.00, but I’ve made an agreement with the provider so that I can offer it to my bankruptcy clients at no charge. It is my gift to you for choosing me as your bankruptcy attorney.

As you are probably aware, there are a lot of “credit repair” scams, especially online, where unscrupulous providers write dispute letters to the credit bureaus, even concerning legitimate debts, in order to artificially raise a person’s credit score. Those dishonest schemes ultimately fail when the creditor verifies the debt and the unwitting consumer who paid the scammer is out thousands of dollars and still has a bad credit score. THIS PROGRAM THAT I GIVE TO MY CLIENTS IS NOT CREDIT REPAIR!

It is an educational program put together by an experienced mortgage broker who worked with clients who had credit issues. In the program you will learn strategies that you can use to honestly and ethically raise your credit score to the excellent level – 720 or even higher!

Feel free to check out the web site: As you can see from the testimonials, this program really helps people raise their credit scores – even after filing for bankruptcy!

With these kinds of results, I decided to buy this credit education program for all of my bankruptcy clients. To gain access to this amazing credit building program, free of charge, call me at 719 227-8787 today to schedule an appointment.

There’s no faster way to build credit after a bankruptcy than hiring me and getting access to at no additional charge.